This is what time spent in your yard should look like.

Our specialists will design a proactive lawn spraying program that provides your yard with weed control and soil treatment to keep your landscape beautiful.

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Weed Control and Soil Treatment

Our customized residential lawn care services are designed by Oklahoma’s most trusted team of turf experts to make your yard a great place to come home to.


Customized Lawn Care Programs

Our specialists will design a proactive lawn care program that provides your yard with strategic grass treatment and weed control, and a fertilization schedule optimized for the turf and climate of our region, and customized for your specific grass and soil conditions.

Here’s a typical schedule of our professionally designed programs:

January - March    Pre-Spring Pre-Emergent & Weed Control
March - April    Spring Pre-Emergent & Weed Control
April - May    Late Spring Fertilization & Weed Control
May - June    Early Summer Fertilization & Weed Control
June - July    Summer Fertilization & Weed Control
July - August    Fall Pre-Emergent & Weed Control
September - November    Winterizing, High Potassium Fertilizer
November - December    Late Fall Pre-emergent & Weed Control


Soil Aeration for Your Home

The process of soil aeration creates thousands of tiny holes in the surface layer of your lawn. These holes allow water, fertilizer, oxygen, and other important nutrients to reach the root zone more quickly, resulting in rapid growth and increased root strength development. Aeration also opens up the soil to help reduce thatch build-up and soil compaction, allowing your lawn to breathe and grow with vibrant color and health.

Our trained technicians can analyze the health and condition of your lawn and recommend when soil aeration might be right for you.


General Pest Control for Your Lawn

Your lawn and landscape can can be home to all kinds of unwanted pests, including armyworms, grubs, fleas and ticks. Some seasonal pest applications can be added to your annual lawn care program. For a full listing of our pest control services, check out All-Pest Solutions


Organic Lawn Care & Soil Treatment

All-Green’s proprietary organic lawn fertilizer and soil conditioner improves the health of your turf in a variety of ways. Over time this green, 100% organic material increases water and nutrient retention, texture, and fertility in general, and also helps fuel the microbial processes vital for healthy soil. We apply it to your lawn in the fall for noticeable results all year long.


Fall Fescue Seeding

Tall fescue is the most suitable cool-season turf grass for this region. Since autumn is the beginning of fescue’s growing season, this is the most ideal time to seed.

Though fescue is the most tolerant shade grass for Oklahoma’s climate, it requires deep, frequent irrigation during our harsh summers. Even under the best of conditions, some loss can be expected year to year. For this reason, our turf specialists recommend over-seeding fescue areas each fall.


Custom Christmas Light Installation

The All-Green family of professionals wants to help your family’s holidays sparkle. We custom plan your Christmas light display, take your lights down when the season is over, and even store your lights for you all year long.

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