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Our exterior bug and pest control program is designed to help prevent ticks, mosquitos, spiders, crickets, and a long list of other common household pests. 

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Pest Control and Tick Spray for Your Yard

Let the All-Pest Solutions family of professionals keep your family and pets safe all year long with cutting-edge, effective, worry-free pest control.


Perimeter Pest Control Program

Our exterior Perimeter Pest Program is designed to help control spiders, crickets, ticks, and a long list of other common household pests. Five times each year, our technicians will target common access points like the foundation and eaves of your home, doors, windows, and anywhere else a pest might try to enter your home. All-Green’s odorless, low-residue, quick-drying product works by creating a barrier around your home to eradicate pests before they can find a way inside.

Pre-pay and receive 10% off the program, plus a FREE mosquito application.


Interior Pest Control Program

Keep your home pest-free year-round with our Interior Pest Control Program. Because every home is different, we start with a free inspection and cobweb sweeping, and install pest control baits if necessary. Then we continue the fight with eight strategic applications throughout the year, including an odorless, waterproof dust for cracks and crevices, and a low-odor, low-residue, quick drying liquid both inside and outside your home.

Pre-pay and receive 10% off the program, plus a FREE mosquito application.


Mosquito Prevention and Control Program

The dangers of mosquito-borne disease are real, and mosquito control is one one of the best measures you can take to keep your family safe from Zika virus, West Nile Virus, and the many other active diseases transmitted through mosquito bites. Our Mosquito Prevention and Control Program is engineered to eliminate mosquito activity. Eight times each year, we’ll apply our cutting-edge fog to all areas around your home that may harbor mosquito activity, including the base of your house, the perimeter of your yard, in and around landscaping, and more.

Pre-pay and receive 10% off the program, plus a FREE exterior application.


Flea and Tick Control for Homes

If you love your pets as much we do, we know how important flea and tick control is to your family. That’s why we’ve designed a protocol that not only stops infestations in their tracks, it also prevents fleas and ticks from getting a foothold in the first place. At least three times each year, we’ll treat fence lines, trees, flower beds, and other strategic areas. For optimal results, we recommend treating your pets at the same time. Heavy infestations may require multiple treatments.